This page is dedicated to links for different tools/resources I have found useful for troubleshooting, security, forensics, networking, etc.

Crypto-Gram Security Podcast
Security Weekly

Angry IP Scanner – Host discovery for LAN networks
nmap – command line and GUI tools for host discovery, port scanning, etc.

Kali Linux – Pentesting Linux Live Distro
FTK Imager – Awesome Imaging tool
Hak5 – Video tutorials, resources for hacking, lots of drone stuff and other projects

Mounting APFS Images in Windows

General Maintenance:
MalwareBytes – Malware scanner/cleaner
Ccleaner – Used to clean temp files/fix registry problems
Hirens Boot Disk – Live disk with suite of tools for solving PC problems
Panda Cloud Antivirus – Cloud antivirus, great for gamers, uses low system resources


$MFT – What is it? Master File Table Information
$BitMap – Understanding the $BITMAP file
RAID – What is it?
BitLocker Drive Encryption
MBR – Analyzing the Master Boot Record
HDDGuru – Useful tools and forum for drive recovery
Trash – How trash works on different systems
HxD – Hex Editor, lets you edit raw disks

Interfacelift – Best HD wallpapers
Ubuntu – My Favorite Linux Distro
Mac OSX Background Processes – If you ever wanted to know what all those processes in Activity Monitor are
XDA Forum – Anything you could want dealing with Android (customization, ROMs, Apps, Troubleshooting, Rooting)
evasi0n – Jailbreak your iPhone/iPod/iPad
SQL Injection – What is it? and some samples…
Enable BASH Windows 10

FTP Storage for this site:
Password: guest1

On the FTP I try to upload projects, mostly programming, that I am working on. As of 1/29/18, I am mainly focused on Ruby Scripts. I have a couple simple projects for anyone who is interested in taking a look.

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