Dungeons & Dragons…who needs pen and paper…

…When you’ve got so many good tools on both PC and mobile. I have been using a D&D character creator for a while now as well as dice rollers for iOS and android.

I found a great app on iOS called d20 fight club. It’s basically a character sheet app, which can be tedious but when you have everything setup it’s awesome. It can calculate everything from health to to your daily powers and it can do dice rolls with the algorithms for each of your attacks added in already.

Here are some screenshots from the app:
























I am now starting to use different map creators too, which is great for DMs (even though I’m not one). I’ll post one later when I find the best one.

And finally, one of the best tools I’ve found is just a website. Reaper Miniatures. This site is used to find miniatures for characters or enemies. The best part is the search functionality. You can look up minis by race, armor, weapons, etc. This makes it really easy to find the mini that matches your character…or as close to it as possible.

Here’s my character (Xultai), Which I bought for $4 from Reaper Minis:


I’ll be adding more pictures hopefully this weekend when I get a few more minis.

In Game:
20131020-174012.jpg2013-10-20 19.35.23

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