iOS 7 JailBreak out for all devices

JailbreakJust Jailbroke my phone yesterday and have been using it since then. It’s really smooth actually! There were a lot of reports of problems but as far as I can tell, as long as your not using tweaks and themes, it runs better than the jailbreak for iOS 6.

The only really unfortunate part is that it was released before iOS 7.1, meaning likely the vulnerability that allowed for jailbreak will likely be patched.

Also, there are a few issues with the process. First of all, make sure you BACKUP before doing this. My last update was over the air and I got stuck in a boot loop. So if yours was over the air, you want to make sure to restore your phone on iTunes first. Other than that, it just takes about ten minutes and you don’t even have to put your phone in DFU mode.

Here’s the link to evasi0n:


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