Windows 10 First Impressions

Win10So I finally got Windows 10 installed last night after a few tries and a few hours. I used the media creation tool on MIcrosofts website to perform an upgrade on both my laptop and desktop. I would say it took me two to three hours to get everything installed on both machines. Though at least an hour, was me trying to trick Windows update into pushing the install to me. That never worked. This is why I went with using the media creation tool.

So far, I am loving the new OS. It’s a huge improvement over Win8. It feels like I got Windows 7 back with a few added features like Cortana and virtual desktops. Seems to run pretty smooth on my desktop. In fact, I haven’t run into an error/issue yet on that machine. However, I have already started to see problems on my laptop. Both the start menu and Cortana were non-functional after the install. I restarted the machine this morning so hopefully it will work properly when I get home.

One issue that annoys me is not being able to turn off updates. It makes me wonder what businesses will think about upgrading. I don’t see that happening at my office anytime soon.

As I play with things and run into problems I will try to add updates.

Link to the Media Creation Tool from MS: Click Here

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