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python-logo-glassyI’ve been starting to work with Python lately and I love the language. What I don’t love is how it works with Windows…which is not very well at all. When I work on my Mac or my Ubuntu virtualbox it’s so smooth but in Windows nothing seems to work correctly.

There have been two things I’ve been trying to figure out and there are almost no resources on this. How do I load a physical drive in Python and how can I edit things in hex. ┬áIf anyone knows anything about this please let me know.

I am currently working on the Google tutorials for Python and the seem really good so far. Keep in mind they expect you know at least a little about programming I.E. functions and modules.

Here’s the link:

Started working on a few very simple exercises. I’m really out of shape when it comes to programming. Had to pretty much go back to the basics.

Here’s the link for the Python Project Directory.

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