Virtual Private Servers

UPDATE 8/12/17: Another blog reached out to me this week and created there own guide to web hosting. It is a pretty thorough guide that goes through a number of tips so that people can learn the basics about web hosting and the different options available. I recommend taking a look at it:

UPDATE 6/29/16: Wow! I know it’s been a while on this one but I was contacted recently by someone from another blog with some great information to add. Here’s a link to their site:

It’s a pretty interesting read and I like how it goes into detail about the different business aspects of running a web hosting company. It gives you some details about the differences in VPS and standard hosting. The article also give you some good comparisons for companies thinking of starting their own web services or starting their own hosting company. Kind of a long entry but the read is worth the time.

I’m really excited to try one of these out. If you don’t know what a VPS or Virtual Private Server is…it is virtual machine running on a server connected to the internet which is hosted by a company so the consumer can run a server without having to buy all the hardware. The great thing is if your not looking for something really powerful it can be very cheap…like a couple bucks a month.

Here’s a site I found with a couple of different options:

I’m just really excited to try out some different networking apps and I’m going to use it to do some vulnerability testing on my home network. Purely for fun.

If anyone out there is reading this I would like to know their ideas on how a VPS could be useful. I want to try a bunch of different things with it. Also, does anyone have any ideas of what flavor of Linux to use. Not sure if I want to keep using Ubuntu.

More info (and yes I know it’s WikiPedia but the information is accurate):

I think this is the hosting site I’m going to use:

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