Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One

Fair warning: I am a little biased in the subject as I have already purchased a PS4. Though I have both an Xbox 360 and PS3. I do plan on buying an Xbox One sometime next year.

I personally wanted PS4 right off the bat for a few different reasons. First off, the specifications for PS4 are slightly better than the Xbox One. I also really like the controller. I have yet to get any hand cramps while using it. Which, is a huge upgrade to Playstation’s dual-shock 3 and its older models. Dual-Shock 4 controllers I feel are much better than the Xbox One controller in both comfort and design.

Price played a big part in my motivations for purchasing a PS4 over the Xbox One. I liked the fact that I did not have to pay for a subscription to play online games with the PS4. What makes matters worse is if you are into MMORPGs, you will not only have to pay your Xbox subscription but also the subscription for the game itself.

Live TV alongside games as a selling point never really interested me. I can see how some people would find that useful if your significant other or anyone else didn’t want to watch you play games for hours but to me it’s really just a distraction. It’s something I would rarely ever use.

Both have second-screen capabilities (i.e. an app that goes with the console). In this case, I think Xbox One’s (Smartglass) is much better. PS4’s version is clunky and seems pretty featureless compared to Smartglass.

I am very excited for PS4’s Game Sharing (SharePlay) features that are soon to be released. This feature will allow players to share a game in progress with their friends online, provided they have a Playstation Plus membership. It will not require the other player to even have a physical copy of the game.

Here’s some more information on the subject: SharePlay Article

The only thing I can say that Xbox has Playstation completely beaten is the fact that most Playstation Only titles are now on both systems. So really PS4 is limited to have less titles than Xbox One. I can say I am a little jealous that I can only get Titanfall on my PC.

The PS4 has an AMD 8-core processor with 8 GB of DDR5 RAM. It also has a Radeon GPU. While Xbox One has a slightly faster CPU (1.78 Ghz 8-core compared to PS4’s 1.6 Ghz) the Xbox One has a slightly less powerful GPU and only DDR3 RAM (still 8 GB). Both systems have 500 GB hard drives and cloud storage options. Both systems also have 3 USB 3.0 ports making data transfers relatively the same speed. They also both have streaming and sharing options.

PS4 Specifications

Xbox One Specifications

It all just really depends on what you like and what system best suites your needs. They are both pretty comparable and worth taking a look at.

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