Links\Videos I’ve found in the last couple months

Haven’t posted on here for a while…just haven’t had the time to really work on any side projects right now…but I have found some interesting links to some cool projects recently and thought I would upload them here.

PiHole – Subreddit, Tutorials are easy to find.

iPhone 6S 9-9.3.1 Lockscreen Bypass (Siri, Video):

Programming Projects – Subreddit, aimed at beginners

USB Recovery via Resolut & De-soldering Chips:

Gaining Access to Windows 10 Machine – Not sure how much of this still works…it’s a couple months old.

How to Gamify your life – Less technical but very cool idea. Using google docs.

3D Key Printing:

Hacking Tools Repository – Just a bunch of links to tools.

That’s all for now but I’m sure I’ll add more later.

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