Android Coding

Over the summer I did some practice with Android Studio, I know it’s almost Christmas but I am now just getting a chance to post this. I created a small calendar app as well as a basic calculator. Not a lot of functionality as I am a noob at this but they do work and I am pretty proud of them. Hopefully, I will get some more time to add a few more projects to the directory but who knows when I will get there.

I have to say though that I love Android Studio and I really think this is one of the big reasons I felt good about switching back from iOS to Android. I really just like all of the capabilities and possibilities that Android gives you. Plus, Android just seems to work better with Google Apps and integrates much better with a PC environment when compared to iPhones.

Link to a couple projects I worked on over the summer: Click Here!

Here is the tutorial I am pretty sure that I used to create the calculator:

Unfortunately, I can’t find the one I used to create the calendar but it is so basic I don’t think it would take much time to reverse engineer and improve it.

I will update this as I add more tutorials and files.

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