Windows Blue?

Has anyone heard of Windows Blue. Supposedly it’s an update for Windows 8 set to release this summer. I’m excited for it even though not much is known and no screenshots have been posted yet. The only rumor I have heard, and really hope it’s not true, is that people have been saying you will have to pay for this update and Microsoft will be doing this semi-annually. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

UPDATE (2/25/13)

From what I’ve read it seems Windows Blue will be much like Win8, as it will have a public beta available this summer. Then, the update is likely to release in August.

UPDATE (3/26/13)

Yesterday, numerous sites released screenshots of Windows Blue…I really like the ability to use two apps at once with the split screen. That was one of the first things I thought of when first testing Win8. Also, I really like the grouping options on the start page.

Here’s one of the articles I found from Engadget (includes lots of screenshots):

Windows Blue Screenshot Tour

UPDATE (4/24/13)

I’ve been hearing lots of rumors for bringing back the start button. Let’s all hope this is true!!!

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